Fucked and Bound, Haunted Horses and Auto-Replicant

Preserving Underground , 1102 4th Ave , New Kensington, PA 15068

So beyond excited to play Preserving Underground! Described as:

"A record, CD and clothing store that specializes in all forms of alternative music (primarily hardcore, metal and punk) but also carries thousands of other vinyl, shirts and discs of all genres. Also included within this building is a performance space for both local and touring DIY musicians. The record store will be open during the evenings of these events until 10 PM and you can find the dates of the events on our website. There is also a Hardcore Museum which takes one on an interactive and chronological trip through the past 40 years and the progression of hardcore through both informative text, documentaries and artifacts. Free to the public."

Excited to experience this treasure in person with Haunted Horses and Auto-Replica!